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We charge a FIXED FEE in the Leamington area so you always know what you are going to pay for clearing any blockage.

The Drain People clear & unblock all types of toilets, sinks and baths so whatever your drainage problems, we are here to help!

Our methods are environmentally friendly - we advise not to use proprietary drain chemical products as these can be very harmful to the environment.

Blocked and slow draining toilets or sinks are decidedly unpleasant and unhygienic. We will unblock your kitchen or bathroom sink or toilet with the minimum of fuss, using specialist drainage rods and/or high pressure water jets. Our engineers are very experienced in sink & toilet problems and will clear the unwanted blockage swiftly so you can get back to normality.

Some of the most common sink & toilet problems we fix are –

  • A build of fat and grease in your sink pipes
  • Damaged or faulty pipework
  • Foreign objects in the pipes
  • Clogged toilets
  • Flushing wet wipes and sanitary products
  • Overflowing sinks & toilets

Wherever the drain blockage is located – we have the experience and equipment to get your drains back to normal. We use high-pressure water jetting, rodding, electro-mechanical cleaning machinery, as well as other techniques to clear through any blockage, no matter how stubborn. Once cleared we will clean down and sanitise the area, leaving everything restored and your property clean and safe.

We have local drainage engineers who cover all Leamington, including Myton, Heathcote, Bridgend, Enscote, Packmores,The Cape, Whitnash, Milverton, Lillington, Cubbington, Sydenham, Radford Semele, Princethorpe & Southam.

(If your area is not listed, dont worry, we may cover it. Just give us a call)


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